campervan extra hire items

select from our great range of extra hire items

To make your motorhome complete we have additional items you can hire or purchase. These can be booked online during the booking process or you can call our 24/7 local reservations team to ensure these items are available when you pick up your vehicle.

  • Child Seat
    $36.00 per rental
    Suitable for child 0-4 yrs old.
    Cannot be fitted to all vehicles. See vehicle specifications for details.
  • Mobile Wifi
    $10.00 per day
    max charge: $100 per hire - Mobile WiFi unit comes preloaded with 500MB of data. Additional data bundles can be purchased by the customer through the mobile unit provider
  • Booster Seat
    $36.00 per rental

    Recommended for children 4-7 years old.

  • Picnic Table
    $25.00 per rental
    This fold away outdoor table is a great addition to your rental.
  • Picnic Chair
    $18.00 each per rental
  • Fan Heater
    $16.00 per rental
  • Pre Paid Gas (LPG)
    $38.00 per rental

    Gas bottle used for cooking and for hot water facilities in vehicles that have this option. Ask about this service on pick up and save on the petrol station fuel price.

  • High Chair
    $23.00 per rental
  • First Aid Kit
    $35.00 for purchase
    Supplied with your rental and charged if it is opened on your journey.


  • Satellite Phone
    $20 per day + call costs

    Many areas do not have standard mobile coverage. Sat phones offer coverage in all areas and are an important safety item for remote travel

  • MP3 Adaptor
    $15 per rental
  • Souvenir Hema Road Atlas
    $25.00 for purchase.
  • Solar Shower
    $16.00 per rental.
  • Awning
    $5.00 per day
    max charge: $80.00

    ​$5 per day (maximum charge $80 per rental)
    Cannot be fitted to all vehicles. See vehicle specifications for details.

  • Extra Duvet/Doona
    $16.00 per rental
  • Esky (cooler box)
    $23 per rental
  • Electronic Adaptor Plug
    $14.00 for purchase
  • Toilet Emptying Service
    $75 per rental

    A Toilet Emptying Service can be arranged at pick up of a maui motorhome, where you will have the convenience of having the toilet emptied for you on completion of your rental.